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"I joined Flexible4Life after my hip replacement surgery. The exercising has been of great help. In addition to gaining strength in my operated leg it has improved my overall fitness & strength.

Tamra takes the time to specifically target exercise to help in the recovery stage post surgery.  I would recommend it highly before and after surgery or for just the motivation to stay fit.

Socially its a buzz!"


"Since joining the Flexible 4 Life program early last year, I have improved considerably both in flexibility and fitness.  I have also noticed my waistline has trimmed off which was a welcome bonus.

I intend to continue working on the program this year as the benefits extend far beyond those you would expect from a fitness regime."

Jean, semi-retired Exec. Assistant

"We regularly attend the Fitball class. Being of mature years we were wary of joining in an activity like this. But besides the increased strength and flexibility we achieve, it is the caring, non threatening atmosphere which has encouraged us to continue. Whatever the age range or level of fitness Tamra ensures that each participant works at their own level.

There is very little in the way of exercise groups offered this side of town, and parking is free."

I realised I was in trouble when I looked over my shoulder to check for cars in the next lane, and noticed that I had to turn my body to be able to see.  I joined the flexibility classes and it made a huge difference.  My neck worked like it should, my back became much more flexible, and I had a lot better balance.  I went onto the strength and fitball classes and continue to improve.  I recommend it to anyone, but especially to 'blokes' who wouldn't normally be seen dead within a mile of an exercise class.

Tamra is a remarkably good instructor.  She is attentive to the needs of her students, with particular care for those recovering from injuries.  She will also adjust the classes to work on areas of concern, such as flattening tummies or improving posture.

The prices are good, and there is lots of parking available.

One important point is the profile of the people attending. There are no lycra clad super models with endless energy - there are just normal people getting fit and flexible within their limits. It's social and fun. Try it.

James, public servant, 50

I would like to tell you how much better I feel because of your class.

I have regained a lot of the flexibility that I had previously lost.

The stiffness seemed to get worse each winter and I was so worried that I would be so stiff that I could hardly walk or bend.

After each session I feel much looser and have more freedom of movement in the joints which enables me to do more.

As a little example, I was having pain in the upper arms and raising my arms anywhere above shoulder height was very slow and painful and it was very inconvenient as well. I couldnít take off my jumper as I couldnít lift my arms high enough over my head.

So I was seriously considering buying more cardigans to replace my jumpers.

Also I was having numbness every night together with pins and needles in my upper arms and hands which woke me up constantly.

Then I had trouble turning over in bed. I would need to sit up, turn over and lie down again, sounds funny but thatís how I turned over for years.

Now I can roll over more easily, most times. And the pins and needles and numbness have gone.

I can squat a little lower than before but doubt if I could ever squat completely again as my knees grate. Before attending class I felt like I was in the mid 70's not mid 50's.

I really appreciate your classes and the stretching we all do there even though some of it is a little difficult at times, but these are the ones that help the most.

I have a strong desire to be more supple and keep improving my balance, both for my riding as well as in every day activities. This, together with the fear of becoming stiff and immobile like my father drives me to continue with your classes.

Thankyou for your most beneficial classes and the fun and friendly atmosphere you have there, I am most grateful.

Retired, Horse enthusiast.