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Instructor Profiles

Tamra Wilson

Founder Tamra Wilson grew up on a property in country NSW and from an early age was interested in sports, physical activity and dance. She studied Physical Education and movement subjects throughout school and continued to do her own research after completion of her HSC.

Tamra suffered from several medical conditions as a child and during her school years. This increased her desire to help people and led her to later studies in massage, fitness and rehabilitation which she now performs as “Flexible 4 Life”.

Tamra came to Canberra in 2001 and was trained in Postural Therapies specialising in specific flexibility and strength techniques.

She taught classes in Government departments and at the Australian National University from 2001-2002 and later founded Flexible 4 Life, teaching corporate classes as well as community classes in Charnwood.

Tamra is a qualified Personal Trainer, group fitness instructor and massage therapist and combines her experience in these areas to bring a broader knowledge of physical therapy to Flexible 4 Life.

Tamra continues to expand Flexible 4 Life so that as many people as possible in the local community can participate in exercise that helps them meet their personal goals. Tamra’s main goal is to help people feel relaxed, happy and achieve something every time they attend a class or a Personal Instruction session.

Tamra continues to research musculo-skeletal pain and rehabilitation techniques. She aims to continue to improve her skills in all aspects of her professional development and input into Flexible 4 Life.

Tamra is motivated to see people achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. She aims to help make every day better for people by providing an environment which is fun, relaxing and where people can build friendships and participate in activities most suited to their needs.

In November 2006, Tamra was elected as a director to the inaugural board of the West Belconnen Health Co-operative. Her involvement will assist in the development and implementation of a medical centre and associated health programs in the West Belconnen area.

From 2008-2011, Tamra moved to the USA with her husband and undertook further studies and training in the fitness industry mainly focussing on rehabilitation, functional exercise as well as boxing for fitness and kettlebell training.

In 2011, Tamra was appointed as the Regional Director and Senior Mentor and Coach for Wholyfit® in Australia. WholyFit is a Christian alternative to yoga. See www.wholyfit.org for more information.