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Classes and Services

Classes to Get You Started

These classes have a strong focus on technique and education on the basics and importance of functional exercise and injury prevention.

Functional exercise incorporates the movements you use on a daily basis including: bending,
twisting, squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, lifting etc.

Exercises are modified as necessary and we aim to balance assymetries and address weakness to improve overall strength, endurance and mobility.

These classes are suitable for those with general stiffness, pain or limited movement and we advise that you get a written medical clearance from your healthcare professional before starting our
programs or any exercise program.

Flexibility & Strength

Strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles to achieve balance in your body.
These classes are suitable for all participants from those who need to reduce stiffness and pain to those who want to advance to more challenging exercises for recreational purposes or freedom of movement.


Functional Fitness (40+ age group)

The focus is on increasing mobility, strength, balance, flexibility and fitness for those wanting to begin, maintain or even develop a more active lifestyle.

The class aims to retrain weak muscles and improve function of daily activities such as lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling and twisting to make movement easier – a slightly more active class, for ages 40 and up.


Classes for Continuing and Intermediate Participants

These classes still have a focus on functional exercise and technique but aim to be more challenging and progression occurs more quickly.

You will need a basic understanding of how to exercise safely to prevent injury and know your limits.
Some thought and care need to be taken when choosing these classes if you have a current injury or condition which may limit your capacity to participate in more challenging exercise.

Circuit Classes

Different exercises are performed at each of several stations in a timed sequence.
These classes are more challenging and great for fitness, strength and improving movement.

Cross Training Classes

This class uses a wide variety of equipment including boxing gloves with focus mitts, free weights, swiss balls, kettlebells and body weight exercises. This class combines low and moderate impact exercises to improve fitness, strength endurance.


This class is appropriate for those adults without injury.

Mum Time - Pre/Post Natal Classes

This class includes specific exercise for pregnant women and exercise to assist in recovery after childbirth.

A mix of flexibility, resistance and relaxation exercises are taught to improve wellbeing during pregnancy, maintain or improve condition and endurance in preparation for childbirth or assist a full recovery post-partum or later after the arrival of your child.


A mix of the circuit class style, and flexibility and strength class, to provide a fun class that provides an overall challenge for the body.

Exercises using both equipment and body weight only may be performed.




This class is for those who like an extra challenge and exercise that gets you strong for any task.

Fitball exercises challenge your balance and perception of where you are in space while kettlebellsget your body fit, strong and flexible all at once.



One of our Functional Fitness Classes


Personal Training and Corporate Classes

Personal Training

For those who need more personalised programming or supervised exercise sessions 1-to-1 sessions can be arranged with our qualified trainers.

Corporate Classes

We offer classes to balance the effects of office work on the body. These classes include exercises
to stretch and relax, as well as strength exercises. Cross training classes may also be provided if facilities are appropriate. 

Zumba Gold® adults, seniors, larger participants

Whether you think you can dance or not, this class is a fun way to get fit, meet new people
and reach your fitness goals.
At Flexible 4 Life we tailor the classes so everyone can join in.
Dances may include: salsa, mambo, cha cha, meringue, cumbia, tango, flamenco, belly dance, ballet/jazz moves, great stretching.

Dance for fun

Come along and be prepared for fun, laughter, sweat and dance that everyone can do.
No hard choreography here, just your time to shine or if you prefer just practice some moves
to get you fit and healthy.
Similar to our Zumba Gold classes but some higher impact moves may be added
or other dance styles as this is our own class. Dance is for everyone.

WholyFit®; Christian alternative to yoga

See www.wholyfit.org for more information.
Evening classes to commence first and a daytime class at a later date.