flexible4life: balanced health and vitality

About Us

Flexible 4 Life officially began in early 2003 with just one small flexibility and strength class.

Our aim from the beginning has been to provide much needed and affordable services to the local community and as such word of mouth has been an integral part of the growth of business.

Class numbers and skill level have grown each term and the long term loyalty of clients has meant
that we can now offer classes for all physical abilities.

Our focus since early 2006 has been to provide appropriate exercise and education for all people
with regard to what they need most and a strong focus on health-related exercise. For this reason
we provide a variety of classes ranging from rehabilitation exercise classes to flexibility and strength classes, fit ball, cardio/strength circuit and boxing/cross training classes.

About Us

Flexible 4 Life provides services in both community and corporate environments, both government
and private sector.

We also provide workshops, seminars and induction programs to government departments and corporate offices that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

As well as classes and seminars we can provide Personal Training at our clinic in Charnwood.

Our current clientele mainly consists of people aged 30 – 75 with an increase in attendance from
those under 30 and the over 75 age group.

In the future, our aim is to offer a wider variety of classes at multiple times during the week and seek greater support from the wider community and related health professionals.

Mission Statement

The purpose of “Flexible 4 Life” is to provide much needed services to the community and in doing so, help people to have a balanced approach to their health, fitness and lifestyle choices with assistance as needed.

We endeavour to assist people in their pursuit of an active lifestyle and facilitate the changes that are needed to achieve these goals.

Why Flexible 4 Life?

Not everyone needs to or wants to go to a gym. Everyone has different needs and our goal is to
provide opportunities for people and to educate them as to how they can best achieve their goals.

Our primary focus is on health-related benefits and improved quality of life with other outcomes such as sustainable weight loss or muscle tone a secondary goal.

Flexible 4 Life promotes “real exercise for real people”, to quote many class attendants.

Who can benefit from Flexible 4 Life?

People of all ages and physical abilities can benefit from Flexible 4 Life.

We cater for children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women (when possible), clients rehabilitating injuries or areas of pain, older adults and people with disabilities and also those who just want to add something more to their pursuit of leisure and fitness.

Our aim is to educate people about posture, movement patterns, how to move more efficiently, back care, how to improve their ability to perform daily activities and exercise/sports performance through functional exercise.

Classes and Personal Training are designed to progress participants through various levels of activity from injury rehabilitation and muscular pain to increase strength and muscular endurance and finally
to be able to participate in more strenuous exercise/activity.

Social interaction and enjoyment are emphasised through all classes and people are encouraged to have input into the class format and give feedback on a regular basis.